Agromar is a family enterprise, founded in 1984 in Dalcahue city. At the beginning, it was a small plant dedicated to the sea urchin roe (Loxechinus albus) and clams meat (Venus antiqua) in order to satisfy the demanding Japanese market. Trough the years, Agromar has developed several products such as king crab (Lithodes antarticus), atlantic salmon (Salmo salar), blue mussel (Mytilus chilensis), chilean aballon (Concholepas concholepas) and pacific clam (Gari solida) among others, all of them send to differents markets such as the ones from EE.UU., Europe and Asia.
Nowadays the enterprise has four different processing plants and it has started in one of them (Dalcahue) a production line for blue mussel with the latest technology to satisfy the demanding European market.
Our plants are located in the austral southern part in Chile, specifically Isla Grande in ChiloƩ. This privileged island is surrounded with fertile water, through its land passes productive channels, that is to say, it has the best conditions for the aquaculture development.